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2017/Ocak Arşivi

Columns for references[değiştir]

19:26, 17 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)

Günün sözü[değiştir]

Birisi bugünün günün sözünü yazabilir mi? Ben denedim ama hata veriyor (This page has been protected from editing because it is transcluded in the following page, which is protected with the "cascading" option turned on: * Ana Sayfa). --TmѰ e12 15:41, 24 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)

Güncel tarih otomatik olarak koruma altına alınıyor. Ancak sonraki günler için sözler oluşturulabilir. --Turgut46 22:42, 24 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)

Improved search in deleted pages archive[değiştir]

Lütfen kendi dilinize çevirmeye yardım edin.

During Wikimedia Hackathon 2016, the Discovery team worked on one of the items on the 2015 community wishlist, namely enabling searching the archive of deleted pages. This feature is now ready for production deployment, and will be enabled on all wikis, except Wikidata.

Right now, the feature is behind a feature flag - to use it on your wiki, please go to the Special:Undelete page, and add &fuzzy=1 to the URL, like this: Then search for the pages you're interested in. There should be more results than before, due to using ElasticSearch indexing (via the CirrusSearch extension).

We plan to enable this improved search by default on all wikis soon (around August 1, 2017). If you have any objections to this - please raise them with the Discovery team via email or on this announcement's discussion page. Like most Mediawiki configuration parameters, the functionality can be configured per wiki. Once the improved search becomes the default, you can still access the old mode using &fuzzy=0 in the URL, like this:

Please note that since Special:Undelete is an admin-only feature, this search capability is also only accessible to wiki admins.

Teşekkürler! CKoerner (WMF) (talk) 18:39, 25 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)

Accessible editing buttons[değiştir]

--Whatamidoing (WMF) (talk) 16:56, 27 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)
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