The Small Town

Vikisöz, özgür söz dizini

The Small Town is a 1997 Turkish film directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan.

  • Okey maybe I'm an ignorant person... Black ignorant... I don't know Alexander... I don't understand history. But what good is knowledge if you're not going to make anyone smell anything? It is not enough to wander among the books like mice, you have to go out and be among the people."
  • My youth is being wasted like a uselles cigarette end.
  • Know as much as you need to know to live. You will know more, what will happen? Man has been given two ears, not four. Because it can be heard with both ears.”
  • You're strong, it feels like you can move the world. On the other hand, you have to live in this town that the world doesn't care about, like a prison. Look right tree, look left tree, what are you going to do if you don't go?
  • My son, you are the only person in our family who even reads in our village. you went outside. You learned foreign languages. But in the end you came back and settled here. Didn't you read to get rid of these fields and slopes? I don't understand what all this information is for. One of us has gone under the ground, but our end is the same. Soon or later.
  • You're younger, you're far from death, and you talk like that. Will it ever happen.. When approaching death, people think and prepare spiritually. Or is it unbearable, you have to believe it, right? One stays abroad, wherever you look, whoever you look at is a stranger.
  • The country is like no other. Eat onions but in your own soil.
  • I don't understand people and their little calculations, I find them alien and suffocating to my soul.
  • Man cannot live alone. People always need each other. People help each other directly or through charities. They share each other's pain.
  • Until I enlisted, I thought of nothing but getting out of this town. But when that morning came, I realized that there were deeper ties connecting me to this town that I had not noticed until that day.
  • I don't want to rot here for the rest of my life. More precisely, I don't know how to live this life that was given to me without being asked.
  • You exaggerate everything so much. I don't understand where all this love, so much emotion comes from. For example, I don't like people. I can't love. I don't say anything to animals or nature. But I have no tolerance for people...