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Wikimedia Conference, 2017

Hi !

This is Basak. I'm a member of Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey , Wikimedians of Turkic Languages User Group , Wikigrannies User Group and a member of the Affiliations Committee .

I mainly contribute to Turkish Wikipedia. I love editing biography articles and the articles about historical places. Nowadays, organizing edit-a-thons and online Wikipedia editing trainings for university students make me even more busy than editing. Since 2016, I had a chance to participate many international Wikimedia events in, get to know many Wikimedians from different parts of the world and learn about the Wikimedia Movement. You might have seen me in one of those events. Please feel free to leave a message if you would like to contact me.

If you are interested you can find more on my Wikimedia story in this interview: WikiHerStory (March, 2020)

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