Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

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Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, 2011 Turkish movie directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan.

  • Nice, meaning harmless. Harmless passes for nice these days.
  • Well, as the poet said, "Still the years will pass and not a trace will remain of me. Darkness and cold will enfold my weary soul."
  • But the wife never stops saying the same thing. "Why did God pick us?" she says. "I mean, why us?" I say, "You can't fight it. You can't ask questions like that." It's a sin. You can't question it. There's a reason for everything, end of story. If it's meant to be...
  • It's the kids who suffer in the end, Doctor. Everyone pays for the things they do. But kids pay for the sins of adults.
  • -Would a person really kill themselves to punish someone else? Would they do that, Doctor?

-Aren't most suicides intended to punish someone else, Mr. Prosecutor?