Clouds of May

Vikisöz, özgür söz dizini
Gezinti kısmına atla Arama kısmına atla

Clouds of May, 1999 Turkish film directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan.

• I don't like these May months, I always have a problem. Something always goes wrong.

• They asked Şopen why you do not compose great works such as symphonies and operas. Maybe my kingdom is small, but at least there he said I am the king.

• Istanbul is not such an easy city. Everyone in Istanbul is trying to escape somewhere. You nailed it as an Istanbul. Many friends went south. One or two of them jumped off the Bosphorus bridge.

• Townspeople usually want to go away, but when they do, they want to come back this time. This is a contradiction I have witnessed often. It is as if there is no other place we can live apart from where we were born.

• I will make the laws speak. I'm not trying my strength myself. I am not against justice. Justice fears the law. I'll make you talk, Evellallah. I'll go about it systematically.

• But Istanbul is not like you know. You can hardly spot the pictures. From the toilet window, you can only see a piece of sky. Dark houses await you. Lots of things have such difficulties, namely Istanbul. It's not that easy.

• It would be nice if you never took me. You see, cadastres or something will come today.

• Will it be victorious, I've been waiting here for 20 years. 3-4 months come and go.